All activities must be booked in advance




Please support us and help us to provide valuable activities for families with disabled children.  There are a number of ways you can help

  • Sign up to Easyfundraising as shown below to earn money for free while you shop online
  • Donate any items suitable for raffles or for our car boot sale fundraising
  • Ask your company if they can run an event to raise money for High Five
  • Cash!  We are of course delighted if you or your organisation are able to donate in any way you can.  Every little helps, and with all the proceeds going direct to providing activities.  

We will keep you updated with how your support has helped the group, and will always share feedback on how families have been helped.



  • The lottery is £1 a week and High Five get 70p in the £1 - a fantastic return
  • There is no cost to the charity or admin fees.
  • There is a chance to win £500 every day and entry into the Goldline draw up to £5,000. There are also lots of small £10 prizes every day.
  • It's paid monthly by standing order so no chance of forgetting and your numbers are computerised so you don't need to check them you are notified if you win.
  • We have had one High Five winner this year already